More Sand Sculptures

Everyone was so enthusiastic about the sand sculptures, I thought you might enjoy seeing a few more.  These were my favorites, some because of the amazing detail; others, like this first one, because it was so clever.

in one ear
3rd PLACE / Doubles – In One Ear, Out the Other
Jill Harris and Thomas Koet (Florida)

and out the other
If you can’t read the letters he is pouring out, they are BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

castle31ST PLACE / Doubles and People’s Choice during the Neptune Weekend
Mr. Sandman by Joris Kivits and Michela Ciappini (Portugal)

Mr. Sandman – I never even noticed the sleeping child’s face when I was there in person!  I saw all the hair on the front and thought it was about Rapunzel.  Look at the detail on the side of the pillow and remind yourself that this is sand.

Mr. Sandman –side view – compare person behind with size of sand sculpture!  Every time you see a hole in one of these, ask yourself how did they do that.

childs mind1
John Gowdy/ Italy  I think this was called In a Child’s Mind

These were all taken with my new camera, the Nikon Coolpix 510.  I am very happy with the clarity and detail of these pieces which basically have no contrast and no special lighting.  It isn’t a true Single Lens Reflex, but I can look through the viewfinder or use the screen, whichever I prefer.  It’s still a little heavy to carry around but a lot less than the SLR cameras.

Next up will be pictures we took of the foliage on the Skyline Drive.