About Carol Miller

I simply can’t remember a time when I wasn’t trying to make something with my hands.  Paper dolls were just an excuse to make new clothes for the dolls, leaves were raked into rooms with beds and chairs, carrots were peeled into curls.  Whatever the play or work, I was trying to create something that said “me.”

There have been so many crafts over the years, I am almost embarrassed to tell you what they were.  I don’t know if I am a Renaissance woman or have a short attention span.

My first patchwork bedspread was made out of a sample book of drapery and upholstery fabric.  It was so scratchy I couldn’t sit on it without long pants!  You can see my grandmother with my 10 year old self in my avatar.  She couldn’t sew a stitch but she worked in a fabric store and brought me lots of goodies.

My first real quilt didn’t happen until 1979, but I have lost count of how many there have been since then.  Do tops count?


5 thoughts on “About Carol Miller

  1. Place a photo with your about Carol so that people can connect with you more. I always like your style of writing when looking at the Quilt University and wondered when you were going to start your own blog. Good luck and have fun!

    • This template doesn’t ask for a photo and I was more than happy NOT to include one. I have spent most of my life avoiding being in front of the camera. :> Hopefully, you will be happy connecting with the inner me, through my words and stories.

      • Carol,

        Concerning the photo that you do have attached to your replies, is that you and your Gramma ?? What a nice photo.

        Pat Templer

  2. Carol,
    I subscribed to Quilt University newsletters several years ago while living in California. At the time I was quilting for others who had wonderful ideas but just couldn’t put them into fabric. I recognized a few of your instructors from taking some of their classes at a local quilt shop and thought how wonderful it would be to take the classes at home and online! Unfortunately work and life got in my way. I have continued to receive your newsletter, none the less and have to say I have enjoyed your writing as much as doing my own quilting. I look forward each month to read your insightful comments about life. Keep them coming!
    Darla Bunker

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