Sunrise, Moonrise

Neither of us grew up in a family that took vacations.  Other than visiting family for big events like weddings, I can remember only one time when my family went away overnight – and I was already in college.

So it seemed natural to Roger and I not to worry about vacations when our children were growing up.  It was only after we were alone again that we began to seriously consider the joys of getting away.

In general, that means just two or three days. We have taken a week to see Charleston and Asheville, NC, mainly because both trips involve such a long drive but we find ourselves antsy to get home by the third day and exhausted when we finally get back.

One or two nights away seems to suit both of us just fine.  It is enough to step away from the routine of work and house, to soothe our eyes with new sights and let someone else do the cooking.  We have also grown to love running away from home for the day.

The trip to Virginia Beach was two nights, scheduled not only for the sand sculpture but because it was going to be a full moon.  That let me sit on the balcony and watch the silvery disk rise and leave a shining path on the water.  I can close my eyes and see it still. 

With daylight savings time, it was still light enough to see the blue of the sky

The sunrise was equally beautiful and I took what would have been a whole roll of film in the old days.  The colors of the sky and clouds was like a painting.

The stage is set

The sun finally makes its appearance

Coming home from two days of ocean therapy left us both feeling rested and relaxed.  Our feet weren’t tired from too much sightseeing. It was as if I had my batteries recharged.


4 thoughts on “Sunrise, Moonrise

    • Of course, that was taken before Sandy whipped the ocean into a frenzy. I haven’t heard how bad the flooding was at Virginia Beach. Hopefully, the concrete wall and boardwalk kept the damage under control.

    • Thanks and be my guest. I don’t have whatever bone it is that makes applique fun. I would far rather pull weeds that cut out all those little pieces and turn under the edges – and yes, I know about raw edge but I don’t like the way that looks. So I enjoy the work of others.

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