Neptune Festival

When I was in high school and college, going to the beach was a must-do summertime activity.  I could wear a bathing suit in public and I was single.  I think that says all you need to know, right?

It’s been a long time since either of those things were true, but my love affair with the ocean has continued throughout the years.  The difference is that I can now afford to get a room overlooking the ocean and we go either early in the spring or after Labor Day to avoid both the heat and the crowds.

This was the first time in three years that we were able to go to Virginia Beach and we planned our October visit so we could see the results of the Neptune Festival which included an invitational sand sculpture contest.

They put all the contestants under a big tent for the first time, which meant the sculptures would last past the weekend of the contest and we were able to enjoy them without the crowds of the actual event.  I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.

Kachina was made by Meredith Corson and Dan Doubleday in Florida and got a 2nd Place in the Doubles division.

The detail of this just blew me away.  He is climbing out of a hole.

All four sides were filled with entrancing and amazing details.

Notice the people to give yourself a sense of the scale of the sculptures.

Big_catch_joo_heng_tan_from Singapore
Big Catch was crafted by Joo Heng Tan from Singapore – look at the teeth on the fish!

Karen Fralich from Canada – Did I mention these are all made out of SAND?

Kids enjoyed the sculptures outside the tent.  These were made by local schools.

More school work

Makes you feel like a slacker, don’t they?  That was okay with me – doing absolutely nothing was exactly the reason I came to the beach.

Other than visiting the sand sculptures, I sat on our balcony and watched the ocean or sat on the boardwalk and watched the ocean or walked out on the sand and watched the ocean.  Within hours, I could feel the tension leaving my body and my mind.

Are you an ocean junkie?

To see all the results, you can visit their Web site:





10 thoughts on “Neptune Festival

    • I nearly started this post “Dear Geri, stop nagging me about posting…..” LOL – I’ve already written another and it is going to post automatically in a couple days. I’ve never tried that before.

  1. This summer, we took the dog to the ocean for the first time. (The ocean is a 3 day drive). She loved it. I am told that once you dip your feet into the ocean, you are driven to go back every year. Good thing we have family on both coasts.

    • I would have to believe that – we are only 2 hours away and I first remember seeing it when I was about 14. The pull has been very strong ever since. My kids are very fair – we took them when they were young, but they don’t seem to have the urge to go back. Of course, whenever I am tempted to live closer, I think of events like this weekend and am just as happy to live inland…..

  2. Amazing!!! I have a friend who goes to Florida every year and they love to build sand sculptures. I have only seen the Pacific Ocean once, but would love to go back.

    • It’s so interesting that the Atlantic and Pacific are so different from each other. Even more fascinating is how different the Atlantic is depending on what part of the coast you visit. We went to Cape Cod years ago and it was shocking to see giant rocks on the beach – a completely different experience from the manicured beaches I was used to. Then down in Charleston, SC, the beaches have wil grasses growing all over.

  3. Carol,

    The sculptures you posted are just amazing. Do you have any idea how long it them to build them?? I would think many hours..

    I love the beach too, but unfortunately, do not get to very often. My family is planning a vacation to Hilton Head next summer and I can’t wait…

    Thanks for the entertaining post..
    Pat Templer

    • As I understand it, they work over a 3-day weekend and then the winners are announced. One poor woman was well along when hers collapsed!

  4. Hi Carol,

    Thank you for the pictures of the sand art. I sooooo miss my beaches in California. It took me a long time to stop yearning for them here in Texas.

    Barbara La Belle

    • You’re welcome – I was so pleased they came out so well. What part of CA are you from? And where in TX are you? I take it you are not on the coast.

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