It’s raining rabbits!

Okay, it isn’t really but that was a cute way to get the rain and the rabbits in a short headline, right?

It’s been raining since I got up this morning and I couldn’t be happier.  A slow, steady rain, with little breaks to give the earth a chance to absorb and no vicious winds or lightning.

Of course, it’s too late to do much for this year’s garden.  Remember when I started out all full of enthusiasm in May?  There wasn’t enough rain then and most of the annuals never got much bigger than they were when I brought them home.  I do water, but it is never my aim to replace Mother Nature.  I walk around with my hose in hand rather than leaving the sprinkler on for the hours it would take to deeply water all over my yard.

We didn’t get any figs in the spring but we have a bumper crop this fall.  I haven’t gotten used to this variety which stays green even after it ripens.  Makes it hard to beat the insects and birds to the fruit.

Lovely plump figs, apparently enough for everyone

Fascinating or gross?  I couldn’t decide

Soaker hoses were my dream but with tiered planter boxes and lots of pots, we couldn’t figure out how to make them work for most of the garden. The heat defeated me, too. It got so hot so fast, I retreated into the house like the little weenie I am.

Not that I am really complaining.  This is just a hobby for me and my livelihood doesn’t depend on the crop.  It was the farmers I really felt bad for.  The corn crop around here was nearly non-existent.

I heard there were some fresh bean plants back here

But I can’t find them, can you?

And then there were the rabbits.  There are three of them for sure.  Sometimes they play tag on the lawn and I can see them from the window.  I was outside taking pictures of the sad remains of the garden this week and they obligingly played frozen statues for me.

I think they were looking for the new bean seedlings. Hopefully, I have outsmarted them.  I planted the new seeds in tall pots AND put the pots on top of other containers full of mulch.  So far, so good!

I mentioned my camera problems in an earlier post.  My sister brought me two of her old DSLR cameras to try.  These photos were taken with the Olympus.  It comes with an assortment of complex and enormous lenses.   I was at least 20 feet away from each of these rabbits and the pictures are as clear as if we were sitting next to each other.  However, the idea that I would be comfortable walking around with 10+ pounds of camera slung around my neck is another thing altogether.

You looking at ME?

As a journalism major, I took photography in college in 1968.  I tell you the year to give you a sense of time.  I needed a single lens reflex camera (SLR) for my class.  I worked in a department store at the time for about $1.25 per hour.  That made my take home pay for a part time job somewhere between $25-35 a week. 

So when I came home with a camera that cost $114, I thought my father would have a stroke.  He walked around for a week saying “A hundred and fourteen dollars!”  Always in that same amazed tone.  It became our family’s benchmark for something really expensive.  Except it wasn’t.  Not even then.  Not for a camera with extra lenses and a carrying case.

I didn’t price the two cameras my sister brought, but I know enough about what they cost to want to let the armed guard carry the camera when I am not actually taking pictures with it.  Yes, I turned into my father and am appalled at the price some things have gotten to be.

The next thing you know I will be talking about walking to school in the snow and how we used to buy a loaf of bread for a quarter.


6 thoughts on “It’s raining rabbits!

  1. Figs, you have figs! Oh, figs, I love them, that is one of my favorite fruits. I cannot remember when was the last time I could have them, as there are no figs where I live and I never get to go to my home country, Spain, in the summer. Now that I think of it, I am going in September, so I might be able to still find some figs. Oh, that would be wonderful! Yummy, figs… And what a smell!

  2. Where do you live now, Angela? I am in Virginia, where it sometimes gets to be 20 F in the winter and yet, the fig trees survive. My father planted one in 1965 and both my daughter and I have trees that he rooted from his. The first winter, I thought I had lost his tree, so I bought another seedling. Now they BOTH are thriving and covered in figs! He had his planted beside the house. I couldn’t do that but I picked a back corner and the tree is sheltered on two sides by the utility sheds in my neighbors’ yards. Seems to work.

  3. There are companies that sell do it yourself low flow irrigation systems for raised beds, planter pots, etc. Just search for low flow irrigation. We have a system in our flower beds and it works quite well. You can even attach them to a rain barrel (if it ever rains).

  4. Thanks so much! I was not aware of that. I hope you get some rain. We have had a couple inches in the last 10 days, so the situation is much improved around here. The grass is even in need of cutting and is quite green.

    • Today the skies opened up, and it has been pouring rain since the middle of last night. I went to the Farmer’s Market, between the raindrops and the young people manning the booths were already soaked, I wonder how they will last until 3 this afternoon. Since we have had so little rain this summer, most of them were not dressed for it.
      Now that the ground is soft, I will be able to plant my spring bulbs.

      • I’m happy for you, Kate. I know some areas are getting more than they want or need, but for the rest of us, the rain is a truly welcome sight.

        Too bad about the folks at your Farmer’s Market. I guess the hot sun is as bad as the rain here because all the markets I know of have covers over them of some sort.

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