Hot as Hades

Summer officially began only two weeks ago here in the Northern Hemisphere, but you wouldn’t know it from the thermometer.  We had our first 90 degree day in May 2.  Then we got hoodwinked by several weeks of below average temperatures.  I knew it was too good to last.  We had three triple digit days in June.  That may be normal for places like Arizona and Texas, but not for Virginia, where we don’t usually get this kind of heat until late July or August.

To make it worse, our area has had so little rain that our grass is beginning to crunch underfoot.  If you want to find me any morning between 6 and 8 a.m., I am out in the yard doing what I can to protect the garden.  By 10 a.m., it it way too hot for me outside.

Hot weather turns me into a lump.  I can’t think, much less get anything done, if forced to endure temperatures above 80, so you can imagine what 90 does to me.  It constantly surprises me to hear people say they haven’t even turned on their air conditioning when I have had mine on for weeks.

That got me to thinking about how we always assume that everyone else is like us. We do this despite the constant evidence to the contrary.  For example, when reality shows started flooding the TV schedule, I was sure they wouldn’t last long.   Who would watch? 

I don’t like tattoos, beer or sports, and it was nice I could say that without being struck by lightning.  I am not a fan of violent action movies and I don’t think I have the right to know everything in the world about people in show biz.  I am also in the minority.

Maybe everyone is the same except me!  There’s a terrifying thought.  I like the idea of being unique as much as the next person but no one wants to be really, truly alone and isolated.  Do they?  Perhaps I am projecting again.

Possibly we are the same in our basic biology, but we have the option of being different in our opinions and our taste.  Do we learn to like strawberries and not turnips or are we hardwired with our preferences?  Are we all interchangeable grains of sand in the great cosmos or unique snowflakes?  If I get to choose, I want to be a snowflake.  And that might explain why heat bothers me so much.


2 thoughts on “Hot as Hades

  1. We can be alone together because I hate the heat, violence of any type and I do not think I need-or want, to know every time some starlet shows off her underwear.
    Just finished reading the QU newsletter. We don’t have rabbits but we had a family of raccoon’s break into the hen house. Killed two chickens. Momma raccoon got away but the young were trapped. My husband took care of them. He hated doing it but it was necessary. Nature really isn’t all fuzzy and cute; or at least not all the time.
    From another snowflake,

    • Comforting to know I am not alone. :> Tell your husband I know how he feels. It has been years since we had any raccoons around here but the squirrels are another story. There were years when they just ate a hole in the top of our trash cans and treated it like a grocery store. What a mess!

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