Butterfly wings

I’ve finished processing all the butterfly pictures.  The bulk of them will be on display starting this weekend at www.quiltuniversity.com on the Student Commons page, but I wanted to share a few more here.


This is one of my favorites.  All the parts of the butterfly are so clear.  Makes me feel like a good photographer.  Actually, I have one of those digital cameras where you can only look at the screen and not through the lens.  My husband picked it out and I will never buy another one like it.

In any situation where there is a lot of light, such as outside, the glare on the screen means you cannot see what you are taking the picture of.  Whoever thought of that should get the Moron of the Year award.

You would never mistake this gorgeous jade bush for the anemic version seen in my windowsill at home.

In addition, holding the camera out in front of you and pressing the shutter button practically guarantees it will jerk in your hand.  Holding it to your face is much better.

Yes, the camera obviously has a great stabilizer built in but the zoom feature means less clarity.  Are you getting the picture, no pun intended?  Some changes to streamline things are not progress.

The white space is an information board at the information table.The butterfly was oblivious and just kept drinking the nectar from the flower.

Imagine having to hold onto your food while balancing yourself,
just to get a little drink.

Ready for my close up, Mr. DeMille

You look at the amazing detail on the wings of all these creatures and you know that somewhere there is a power greater than we are.  This kind of thing couldn’t possibly happen by accident.


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