Judging by Looks

One of the earliest messages we hear is “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”  Tell that to the butterfly below.


Interesting circles, right?  But a really boring brown color, especially if you were seeing him from a distance.  Then again, if he weren’t sitting on a piece of melon and was on a tree instead, he would just blend into the background.  Imagine these two on a tree without that bright window behind them.


Probably nature’s way of camouflage.  Perhaps that great big eye on the wing is to food birds into thinking it is a squirrel and not a tasty treat hiding amongst the foliage.

I took these pictures this morning at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden where they are having a special butterfly display throughout the summer and early fall.

This brown guy hardly seems worth the trip across town, does he?  Would you have guessed that when he opened his wings, he was hiding the jewel tones you see in this next picture?


How many people look one way on the outside and are totally different inside?  It’s not just the people who wear drab colors and might be quite exciting; it’s all those people who change their clothes to keep up with fashion, acting like chameleons and blending with everyone else.  Or maybe they aren’t acting…..perhaps going unnoticed is exactly what they want.

Do your clothes tell people who you are?  Who you want to be?  Are you a fashion plate because it makes you happy or because you feel you should be?  You don’t have to tell me, of course, but it’s interesting to think about, isn’t it?

More butterflies to come….


2 thoughts on “Judging by Looks

    • Glad you liked it! More pictures posted today and the rest on our website this weekend. Sorry I didn’t respond earlier – sometimes life just gets in the way.

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