First Firefly

With so much happening in the garden, I can’t resist looking out any window as I pass during the day.  This probably ranks as a 0 on the Efficient Time Manager’s checklist, but it’s great for my blood pressure.

I paid $5 for this fragrant yellow rose about 10 years ago.  It grows like it is on steroids and smells like heaven.  I gave one to my daughter and every year, it threatens to totally devour her mailbox.

Last night, in those last minutes of light, when the color has already leached out of the landscape and you can just barely tell where the flowers are, I was taking a final look when suddenly there was a spark.  I blinked and looked harder.  Yes, there it was again.  And another one.

Fireflies!  Or lightning bugs as we used to call them when I was a child.  Seeing them is so magical, even from this adult vantage point.  I can remember those slow evenings with a peanut butter jar in hand, with holes punched in the lid and a few strands of grass inside.  We would stand perfectly still until we saw the telltale glow, then run over, trying to catch the light in our jars.

My parents always made us turn them loose before coming in for the night.  Just as well.  I have seen them in the daylight and they are just bugs.  But in the dark, they were like capturing fairy dust.

Have you found any magic lately?


3 thoughts on “First Firefly

  1. Found your blog by reading the Quilt University Newsletter. Could you please post a picture of your fireflies? I live in Canada and have never seen a firefly. This is the last item on my dream board to fulfill and I would so appreciate even seeing a photo of this amazing insect. Thank you.

    • You can only see the light in the dark and my camera is not made for that kind of extended exposure. However, I went to Google images and put in Fireflies – you can find both night pictures and ones in day so you can see what the bug actually looks like.

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