No one is perfect

I hate to admit it but I am addicted to HGTV.   I used to watch the quilting show with Alex Anderson, but there wasn’t much else on at the time that interested me.  They went to a kind of frenetic format and I totally stopped watching.

Time passed and every once in a while, I would be flipping around some evening when I didn’t feel like doing anything and there would be people looking at houses.  That was pretty interesting, even if most of them seemed kind of spoiled.

Two years ago, I had some vision problems and it was hard to read.  I started watching almost everything.  It was company when I couldn’t do anything else.  And then I found I actually LIKED watching them prep houses for sale or redoing the kitchen.  Some of those guys are very easy on your eyes, if you know what I mean.

I like the shows where there is a team of people and you begin to feel you know them. I especially like Curb Appeal with John Gidding and his team.  It puts me in a good mood to spend time with them.  I used to feel that way about the Ace of Cakes on the Food Network.  Those people were crazy but they all liked each other and the work they did was amazing.  No one pretended they were trying to teach us how to do anything, so I felt no responsibility to go in the kitchen and bake anything.  Of course, since I liked it, they took that show off the air.

(On the other hand, I do NOT like shows where the regulars scream at their workers and snipe at each other.   Why would anyone thing that was entertaining?)

I told my husband I watched all the real estate shows as research for when I would eventually have to do something with my mother’s house.  It gave me an idea of what people want these days when it comes to houses – and yards.  I certainly can’t go by my own experience since we have been in our house for almost 34 years and the only people we have had to please for the last 20 years is the two of us.

Well, we auctioned off her house this spring without doing any remodeling at all, and I am still watching.  Tonight, I had Income Property on while I was trying to put a tricky quilt block together and they really cheered me up!  I was having a hard time and thinking how pathetic I am after all the years I have been doing this.  Guess what?  Those professionals made mistakes, too.  Things don’t always turn out the way they expect and they are always getting surprised by what they find when they start working.  It’s not just me!  What a relief!


4 thoughts on “No one is perfect

  1. Carol,

    I think I am addicted to HGTV too. I record almost all of the redecorating and landscaping shows. I tell my husband I am getting ideas for redecorating our home, but I will probably never use any of them. I just like watching the shows. I don’t watch any of the real estate shows though, not my taste.

    You are sooo right that we all make mistakes no matter how long we have been doing something. I am 57 years old and have been in the medical field for 30 years and I will be first to admit that I do not know everything about it and still make mistakes.. I think the best thing you can do is admit you made a mistake and apologize to the person you erred.

    Your blog is great. Thanks..
    Pat Templer

    • Pat, I don’t record anything anymore. Our TVs are old and we had to choose between having a DVD player or a recording device. I refuse to pay for the cable company to record for me since they charge per TV. Plus, to be honest, I had a ton of VCR tapes and almost never rewatched any of them. I used it mostly to watch programs I missed – and now they allow you to view them on demand or on your computer.

      I don’t know what you do in the medical field but if I ever hear a doctor apologize or admit even the possibility of error, I would probably drop dead from the shock. When I got a tear in my retina, the doc saw a spot of white in the artery to my good eye. He thought it might be plaque and sent me for not one, but two, very expensive tests – on Christmas Eve!

      Okay, I did get that it might be dangerous and checking it out was a good idea. BUT they found nothing and when he took another picture after the surgery, he wasn’t willing to admit there might have been something on the film the first time. He wanted me to come back again for more pictures. Given the cost of an appointment and the fact that it took THREE HOURS on average in his office, I just ignored his request.

      Don’t get me wrong – I am eternally grateful to have saved my sight – I am writing this without glasses – but enough was enough. (that rant just slipped out…….)

  2. I fail to understand the idea that one should put an intentional mistake in ones work, so as not to anger the goddess Minerva (or for whatever the reason might be). I have no problem making lots of mistakes in my work, and figure it’s a good day if I keep it down to a level that only experienced crafters might notice!
    BTW my son named his cat Minerva and I delighted in telling him that Minerva is the goddess of hand crafts. I will be teaching the kitten to knit, soon. Quilting will come later.

    • Kate, I apologize for the lateness of my reply. I didn’t realize there were answers to my posts. For the first several weeks, I was notified. When I got no notices, I figured no one had written. Silly me.

      I never heard about Minerva in regard to adding a mistake but it always seemed the height off hubris to announce you put in a mistake because only God is perfect.

      Like you, I have plenty of natural imperfections in my work and that’s fine – I don’t plan to fold them up and never use them. Most of my quilts that get totally quilt and bound go right on a bed or over the back of the sofa. They get folded away when they are replaced by the newest finished quilt. In cold weather, I have layers to keep me warm.

      Visit again – I will be checking regularly from now on!

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