Can we talk?

Somewhere around 1990, I got online for the first time.  We got a free disk from CompuServe and using our trusty dial up connection, I found the quilting forum.

I got addicted in a hurry.  It was so much fun to post a message and get a response.  After a while, the names began to look familiar and then they became people.  There was one young lady named Jan who was just starting out.  I was happy to answer her questions, and our posts grew from there.  Since we had gotten off topic rather completely, we named our messages Jan-Carol Chat.

Periodically, someone else would chime into the conversation, which was fine.  We weren’t under the delusion that we were having a private chat, but on the other hand, I was not prepared to find out that many people routinely read our posts with their breakfast cereal!

I tell you this because that is the kind of background I brought to blogging.  I thought of it as a conversation, whether I would be talking to one person at a time or a slew of you.  Having a conversation is fun – you say something and the other person says something.  That takes the conversation in new directions.

Two people talking is sociable

One person talking alone is a monologue.   A little talking to yourself is okay, but   sitting and talking endlessly all alone usually gets you locked up in a padded room.   Without any feedback, blogging is no fun.

Talking to yourself puts you in a padded room

I’ve told you about some of my passions.  What are yours?


4 thoughts on “Can we talk?

  1. Hi Carol, just wanted you to know I enjoy your new blog. Reading this I have been thinking of starting one of my own. Short story is I will be sixty five in July and moving to Missiouri to be near my daughter I will be selling everthing I own and starting over. But I would like to keep up with my family and friends in Colorado and a blog sounds like fun. Good luck with your new venture and thankyou for quilt university. Sherry

    • Sherry, I apologize for how long it took for your post to appear. I didn’t get a notice that there were replies waiting for me. I will know to look for myself from now on.

      I understand about moving to be near your daughter but cannot imagine selling everything and moving to another state at our age. You are very brave.

      While a blog is, in my opinion, a better way to stay in touch with people because you can write much longer messages, you do have to remember that it is NOT private and anyone can be reading.

  2. Hi Carol,

    My passion is color. Color anywhere. I am drawn to any and all color forms of color. From a well designed advertising graphics to the fiber arts world of quilting and needlework. I truly believe color speaks to us all and conveys unspoken emotions.

    I love driving by a home and seeing a beautiful garden of color. Whether it is winter greens or summer rainbows. I am now trying to create color in my one own small part of the world. And here in Texas that is an accomplishment. In early April I planted lovely summer flowers only to meet an unwanted and unforseen hail storm which came and went in the blink of an eye. Mother nature was playing with us again. However, the Peony I planted over a year ago has finally bloomed with three of the most lovely pink flowers. Hope springs eternal!

    Barbara in Texas

    • My apologies to you, too, Barbara, for not seeing your post earlier. I have friends in Texas and anyone who can get a garden to grow in all that heat has my admiration.

      I have heard that Peonies will not bloom the first year after being transplanted. I have never had any since they require ants for their pollination needs and we have enough problems with ants without encouraging them. :>

      You might check with your local extension agent, master gardener program or even a good landscaping center to find what grows naturally in your area. Those are the plants that are acclimated to the heat or cold, water or lack thereof. They are likeliest to survive without extraordinary efforts on your part.

      As for color, I am right there with you – while I don’t personally want rooms in my house to be overwhelmingly bright and busy, I love to see lush gardens, a fabulous sunset, even a single touch of just the right color can make my heart sing.

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