Who is creative?

And how do you know?  That was the simple question my daughter asked in her reply to my introduction.  Simple? Ha!

I belong to a list that deals with Quilt Art (www.quiltart.com) and this subject comes up all the time.  Do you have to be an artist by education to be considered an artist? Does your art have to say something or can it be just pretty?  Where do you have to be in your development as an artist to actually call yourself one?

Beats me.  I didn’t go to art school and didn’t take my first art class until I was 50 years old.  It was part of my celebration of turning half a century.  I tried to do something brand new every month.  That’s more creative than feeling sorry for myself, right?

My parents had no money when I was growing up, but they came out of the Depression and knew how to make do.  My mother never made a quilt but she made lots of our clothes, using the same patterns over and over and altering them so no one ever knew. 

I wouldn’t drink milk and didn’t like vegetables much, so she would make a yummy cream sauce and bury veggies like asparagus or cauliflower.  She even put the asparagus over toast, which boggles my mind when I look back on it now.   Think about it – there were 5 of us and she made the rest of the dinner and this elaborate vegetable dish showed up on separate plates.  I’m happy when I nuke a green vegetable to serve next to the main course.

To me, that’s pretty darn creative.  But I never got to the part about calling yourself an artist, did I?  Stick around.  Creativity will come up again, I promise.


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